Crime And Its Effects On Campus Crime

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Campus crime has had an effect on people’s lives for a long time. Records of criminal activity on campuses go back as early as the 1850’s. Crimes on campus include acts of violence, drug possession, and distribution of drugs and alcohol. These crimes have a huge effect on the lives of the people involved and others around them. Criminal activity can be influenced by events that occur in a person’s life, like the death of a family member or a violent or traumatic experience. Criminal activity may be prevented in schools with clear enforcement of rules established to reduce threats and increase security measures. Crimes on campus is anything that disrupts the educational process. These events have always been around, but this is the earliest recording. In 1856, a murder took place at a school in Florence, Alabama. A school master warned his students not to harm his sparrow. A boy stepped on it, and killed it. The school master strangled the boy days later. The father of the boy shot and killed the schoolmaster at the school. While this was the first murder to take place at a school, it isn’t the worst. In 1927, in Bath County, a bombing took place at Bath Community School, killing 45 people and injuring 58 others. This is just a few examples of what can happen on campuses. A big part of campus crime is drug possession. A minor can be charged with juvenile drug possession if caught with a controlled or illegal substance. If caught in a school zone, the student can face
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