Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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In the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, many of the characters serve as microcosms to the larger story as a whole. The negative portrayal of certain characters suggests that the consequences of living a self-serving and egocentric life are unavoidable, and that they all must compensate for their wrongs. Conversely, the characterization of the more selfless and altruistic characters, suggests that a life filled with positive actions is the noblest lifestyle and will be reciprocated by positive events in their own lives. A few characters are depicted more negatively through their actions and self-serving motives, that even bring down others in the process. Some depictions of selfishness are subtle, such as Maremeladov, but…show more content…
While the institution of marriage is often considered to be a partnership, for Luzhin it is only another way to heighten his reputation and fulfill self-serving desires. Anya Ivanonva is also characterized negatively, through extensive bestial imagery showing how she prays on the poor to monetarily profit. Depicted as “a louse…wearing out the lives of others”, her livelihood is based solely on self-serving transactions with those who need help the most. This grimy and animalistic description shows how she is stuck on a primal level where her only focus is to benefit her own interests; greedy and sinful, she is never content. Svidrigailov is also a character who is transparently characterized as grotesque and sinful. Accused of poisoning his wife to escape the constraints of his marriage, raping a mute 15 year old without remorse, attempting to blackmail Dounia into marriage and then attempt to rape her, it is clear that he acts entirely to fulfill his own pleasures and desires. Even when Svidrigailov commits what app ears to be more altruistic acts, the underlying motive is to win over Dounia, accomplishing further self-gratification. On the subtler side, Marmeladov is a more lovable character,
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