Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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In the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, many of the characters serve as microcosms to the larger story as a whole. The negative portrayal of certain characters suggests that the consequences of living a self-serving and egocentric life are unavoidable, and that they all must compensate for their wrongs. Conversely, the characterization of the more selfless and altruistic characters, suggests that a life filled with positive actions is the noblest lifestyle and will be reciprocated by positive events in their own lives.
A few characters are depicted more negatively through their actions and self-serving motives, that even bring down others in the process. Some depictions of selfishness are subtle, such as Maremeladov, but others’ negative aspects are presented more blatantly, as seen in the character Luzhin. As the novel continues, Luzhin’s self-serving nature is developed continuously. Raskolnikov is one of the first to be suspicious about Luzhin’s true intentions in proposing marriage to Dounia, offering to help Raskolnikov find a more prestigious job, and aiding his mother and sister to relocate to Saint Petersburg. The initial description of Luzhin illuminates his extreme wealth and how highly he thinks of himself. Commenting “science tells us love yourself before all men” (119) illustrates how comfortable he is expressing his narcissism, as does his admission that he is “acquiring wealth solely and exclusively for [him]self” (119). His plan to marry…
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