Crime And Punishment In Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare has attributed to dealing with some of the concepts that confirm his piercing insight into human nature. Shakespeare considers men to be instinctive with exaggerated passion, if not guided by reason, leading to unexpected consequences - affecting both the individual and the community. This study is devoted to discussing the phenomenon of crime and punishment in Julius Caesar according to the canon of Shakespeare. This paper is an attempt to deal with how the individual and society are affected by the inability of man to deal rationally with his divided nature. It also shows how men cannot mitigate the consequences of their anti-social actions, because justice must be on track. He deals with the criminal conspiracy…show more content…
While punishment in Shakespeare's view in tries showing the psychological conflicts and punishment under authority law in one hand and in emotional distress and revenge under the authority of conscience in case of the absence of the law in others. We can notice that throughout of Shakespeare's plays such as the types of crimes as result as a jealousy in Othello, ambitions in Macbeth conspires in Julius Caesar, Pride in King Lear, revenge in Titus Andronicus and Hamlet etc… Thus, we can note the punishments under authority of law such as executions or imprisonment but in other kind of punishment there is a justice court in human's mind which is stressed up on it by psychologists. This is righteous court or the voice of God in human mind, while, there is conflicted of psychology between superego and ego in human's mind according to Freud, it's may be given orders to do the catharsis means a suicide or purity as a result the crime sinful are lead to the flaw of morality (Al-khazaali&Jaleel,2016:38-42). However, “in its origin and essence catharsis had nothing whatever to do with morality or with what we should call the voice of conscience”. (Vickers.1985:139). We can find the concept of crime and punishment embodied in the world
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