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Chose a character who might-- on the basis of the character’s actions alone-- be considered evil or immoral. Explain both how and why the presentation of the character makes us react more sympathetically than we otherwise might.

In Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, the character of Raskolnikov is one who may be considered evil or immoral for his actions, however his portrayal by the author is one that instills sympathy in the reader for the character due to his motives and personal, internal consequences he suffers for his crime of murder. There is considerable evidence supporting the view that Raskolnikov wants his theory surrounding the murder to be proven wrong, to get caught, and to be punished. This tells the reader that deep
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Then he forgets to get rid of his hat, which can be easily identified as it draws attention to him. When he remembers the mistake, he does nothing to remedy this, simply leaving the hat on. Immediately following the murder, Raskolnikov realizes "…how many obstacles there still remained for him to surmount.", and "…the horror of what he had done." (63) This shows the beginning of Raskolnikov’s mental weakness, and also reinforces his true intentions for the crime. The attempts time and again by Raskolnikov to sabotage his own plans display a side of him that is far from evil. He is calculating, but not in the sense that he is trying to get away with the perfect murder. He is instead trying to commit the perfect failure.

	Raskolnikov presents evidence of his true mental state, and that he wants to be exposed before his peers for the good of society, which allows the reader to see him not as evil, but terribly misguided as a tainted product of the world he has been forced in to. First, he forgets to lock the door and is forced to kill another woman who walks in unexpectedly during his crime. Next, with the door still open, he dallies several minutes washing his axe, taking even more time to scrutinize his clothing for traces of blood, all seemingly in the unconscious hope that someone will walk in on him. So
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