Crime And The Crime Rates

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Many say that a person is a product of their environment and studies show that it is true. When living in poverty, one steals to have what they physically want. Many factors contribute to those living in poverty, such as unemployment, low or no education, race, and age median. Poverty and crime are most related to those who reside in the slums, ghettos and hoods. Various crimes committed in poverty areas may be organized crimes. The main focus of these organized crimes is drugs and drug trafficking. A lot of areas remain in poverty because businesses do not want to build in the area because of the crime rates. Children who are raised around violence and crime tend to commit more crimes than those who do not see it growing up. Race is an issue when it comes to the punishment and sentencing of the crime(s). When working in corporate, one embezzles and steals to get the money that they want, but yet you do not hear too much about the white collar crimes. Another crime that is also committed, but is rarely talked about is corporate crimes committed on us. The media plays a big part in what we hear about because the human is fascinated by murder and crime so that is what is shown.
Literature Review
Many authors show that there are many similar factors that constitute to the high crime rates. Multiple articles demonstrate how living in poverty mixed with low or no education, and being unemployed, but fails to mention the greed and those factors in the white collar and corporate
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