Crime And The Crimes Of Crime

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006) crime is defined as “an offence punishable by the State on behalf of the general public whose standards do not permit the offending behaviour.” Whilst countless studies have been conducted over the years surrounding crime and the committing of crimes by individuals’, there has also long been debate surrounding whether or not crime is gendered and if so, to what extent. Over the decades a number of studies have been conducted in order to answer this question, with significantly varying results uncovered. Whilst some studies, including those by Darrell Steffensmeier and Emilie Allan (1996) and Jennifer Schwartz and Darrell Steffensmeier (2008) have found that gender plays a significant role in the committing of crimes, other studies including that of Kenneth Polk (1993) have found that the prevalence of gender differences in crimes is reliant on the nature of the crime itself.
According to Frances Heidensohn (1985), “gender appears to be the single most crucial variable associated with criminality” (p.22). In agreement with this statement, Steffensmeier and Allan (1996) highlighted in ‘Gender and Crime: Toward a gendered Theory of Female Offending’, that worldwide criminologists agree that the gender gap within offenders of crime is universal, in that men are always more likely to commit a criminal act than women. However, Steffensmeier and Allan (1996)’s research also highlighted discrepancies between the opinions of…

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