Crime And The Criminal Justice System

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Since my research question is based on crime and the criminal justice system, I needed to find a data sample that could give me a wide presentation of offenders, victims, and crimes. Looking at how police act before and after a suspect is taken into custody could be very helpful towards the answering of my research question. With roughly eleven seasons of Criminal Minds, it offers one of the best possible ways in order to gain the information and knowledge of how TV crime drama are depicting offenders, victims, crime and the criminal justice system. Criminal Minds is based on people who work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a subsection of the FBI, based out of Quantico, Virginia. Called in to assist local police departments, the BAU (behavioral analysis unit) is an elite group of profilers who profile killers in order to anticipate their next moves before anyone else gets hurt. Profiling involves coming up with basic characteristics of the offender (age, past criminal history, types of victims, ect) by using evidence from the case files to help determine who the unsub (unknown subject) is. Before watching any Criminal Minds episodes, I always thought the over-representation of African American offenders in the news would correlate to TV crime drama. I felt the best way to gain the attention of an audience was to take what was happening around them and apply it to TV shows (e.g Narcos about Pablo Escobar). However, after watching a number of episodes and writing three…
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