Crime And The Criminal Justice System

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In the criminal justice system, there are many different aspects and actors, such as the police, courts, and corrections, each with very different but equally important roles in handling crime and dealing with law-breakers. Each of these aspects play an equally important role in making sure the criminal justice system runs smoothly and effectively. There are many different things that can influence a person’s beliefs about the criminal justice system such as television, school, family, friends, and the media. Personally, television shows and media have been the largest contributor to my beliefs about the criminal justice system. From the moment of initial contact with the police, an offender might then have to go through the court system. Depending on the outcome in the court system, a person may be sentenced to prison, therefore leading them into the corrections aspect of the criminal justice system. Within in the criminal justice system, the police have many different and important functions such as service, law enforcement, order maintenance, and implementing the mandate, which help to determine their effectiveness (Cole, Smith, & DeJong, 2011). Many people think of the court functions as just what happens in the courtroom during trial, however there are many types of pretrial procedures, such as plea-bargaining, that happen before a case may even make it to trial. Like the other parts of the system, there are many different types of corrections. For example, a person…
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