Crime And The Justice System

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A quote by Henri-Frederic Amiel, “Before crime is committed conscience must be corrupted, and every bad man who succeeds in reaching a high point of wickedness begins with this.” (NotableQuotes, n.d.) All human beings are born innocent; they are not born into this world to automatic be programmed to become bad. Criminal acts start happening when a person is exposed in that kind of environment, may it be due to religion, culture, and most especially the media. Talks of crime and the justice system are endless, and opinions about it vary. Knowing what it and the proper functionally of it will shed some light to the lingering questions. What is crime, choices theories and the components, processes and goals of the criminal justices system?

Crime is defined as the violation of criminal laws set forth by the state, the federal government, or local jurisdictions. The types of crimes and examples are as follows; violent (murder), property (shoplifting), public order crimes (gambling), white-collar crimes (embezzlement), organized crime (a group of people who treats illegal activities like a business), and high-tech crimes (cyber-crimes). The two most common models of how society determines which acts are criminal; one is called consensus model, and two is conflict model. Consensus model is the act in which it conflicts with the beliefs and values a society uphold taking diversity in consideration, but sees eye to eye on common grounds. Conflict model is a group who holds the…
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