Crime Case Study

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Unfortunately, I am not able to fit everything into 1000 words but I will be able to provide the information if there is an investigation. I am going to summarize the most egregious offense, being pulled into HR and berated. I have had set backs in relation to my late stage Lyme disease. I have been sick during my scheduled shifts. Our buildings and computer systems are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I had to call in sick on a Tuesday and then on Wednesday wanted to come in and work. I was denied by my supervisor. I have felt ill during my shift on Thursday and requested make up time for the next day in case I would be sick the following day. My make up time was denied. All make up time requests are currently being denied…show more content…
He stated that he was angry and frustrated with me and began to berate me. He proceeded with intimidation tactics and chose to call me entitled and conveyed that I felt as though the company needed to do whatever I wanted. I advised that was not the case, I just wanted the ability to work. He then explained my 4 days 10 hour shift was an accommodation. I stated I didn’t receive them until October and not as an accommodation. He answered with stating that they were given to me when they began offering that schedule. I have a teammate who has had 4 days 10 hour shifts prior to my hire date. I also advised that I was told they would be removed from me during that month. He stated that they don’t have the ability to allow me to work from home. That day a desk was built next to mine (they touch) for people working from home to come into the office when needed. This meeting continued even when I stated that I was trying to work and being denied. I was crying and advised that I was scared with beginning treatment again but the berating continued increasing my anxiety. I asked what I could have done differently and no answer was given instead the conversation was diverted to how I should be thankful to have a job because they are an at will employer. I was given a one page form at the end of the meeting. The next day I received an email with a set of forms and none of them were the same as the one given the date before. They also provided an
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