Crime Case Study Tanya

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Tanya is a 34 year old heroin addict who has done several misdemeanor convictions for drug possession and one felony for grand larceny. She has been addicted to to heroin for six years which has destroyed her life. Due to this addiction she has lost the custody of her two children and has lost several jobs. By reviewing her case Tanya should be in Intermediate sanctions. Tanya should join several programs that can her fight her addiction and learn qualities to have a steady job. If Tanya is sent to indeterminate imprisonment the minute she gets out she will be back to her old ways. We have to fix the root of the problem which is her addiction and her being not economically stable. This sentence satisfies the goal of rehabilitation of restoring the offender to a constructive place in society throughout a several rehabilitation programs. Tanya will be required to join several programs to better herself. One of the first programs Tanya should join is a drug treatment facility like the one’s ALERNATIVE PROGRAMS BUREU offers. Once she starts to detox from her addiction lifestyle she should join programs like the Nontraditional Employment for Women who help train women to work in construction, maintenance trade etc. They teach women to be…show more content…
If he goes back to his old neighborhood he will fall back in the same pattern. This is why Is recommended he goes to the Doe Fund. They can help him get housing until he is back at his feet. Roberto should join free GED classes at Medgar Evers College to continue his high school education. The help individuals who have been incarcerated continue their high school education. Roberto will be also joining The Osborne Association to help him get economic stability. There's various programs to help him get started in the work field. Lastly Roberto would need a self help groups so he won’t fall into using drugs. The transitions can impact him enough to make him want to use Drugs
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