Crime Causation and Diversion Essay

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Crime Causation and Diversion
Freedom Chrisman
Crystal Gregory
March 1, 2012

In today's society, there are more and more juveniles getting involved in criminal activity. Low self-esteem, poor decision-making and communication skills, association with a negative peer group, and a dysfunctional family unit are some characteristics of delinquent youth creations (Extension Journal, Inc. 1993). With this being said, there are also many different types of juvenile diversion, intervention and prevention programs and resources available for these juvenile to help with rehabilitation. These programs are created to help the youth with criminal activity issues and help reduce to eliminate the rate of
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Within this system are numerous sub-systems to help create a better juvenile program for rehabilitation. Programs provided are not only pointed towards juveniles in general, but have several programs specifically for both male and female delinquents. This program was created to help reduce juvenile crime rates by interacting with numerous programs and creating a better Juvenile Justice System. Programs such as the Juvenile Accountability Program promote greater accountability among offenders and in the juvenile justice system, the Reclaiming Futures Program which is a model for juvenile offenders who are abusing substances. These are just a couple of the many programs provided within the OJJDP Program. The OJJDP's program has very similar objectives and goals as does other juvenile programs, to help reduce and possibly eliminate the possibility of juvenile offenders re-committing crimes and re-entering the system numerous times over. The OJJPD strive to protect public safety from juvenile offenders as well as holding offenders accountable for the actions taken and providing treatment and rehabilitative services to the needs of juvenile’s delinquents and their families. The key participants within the OJJPD are many. These participants include the arresting officer, the judge and court staff, parents of the juvenile and parent’s themselves as well as the staff of these various programs. Each person listed ahs very important
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