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crime S2 W2 / kraɪm / noun
1 [ uncountable ] illegal activities in general :
We moved here because there was very little crime.
Police officers are being given new powers to help combat crime. a police crackdown on car crime a town with a relatively low crime rate
2 [ countable ] an illegal action, which can be punished by law :
He insisted that he had not committed any crime. men who have been found guilty of violent crimes crime against
Crimes against the elderly are becoming more common.
Police are still busy hunting for clues at the scene of the crime (= where the crime happened ) .
3 a life of crime when someone spends their life stealing and committing crimes, in order to get money to live
4 the perfect
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be soft on crime (= not punish crime severely enough ) He accused the government of being soft on crime. crime + NOUN a crime wave (= a sudden increase in crime in an area ) Larger cities have been the worst hit by the crime wave. a crime spree (= when one person commits a lot of crimes in a short time ) He was arrested after a two-day crime spree. crime prevention The police can give you advice on crime prevention. the crime rate The crime rate has gone up. crime figures/statistics The new crime figures are not good. a crime syndicate American English (= an organization of criminals ) Women found themselves trapped by crime syndicates into prostitution. a crime writer (= someone who writes stories about crimes, especially murder )

crim‧i‧nal 1 S3 W2 / ˈkrɪmən ə l, ˈkrɪmɪn ə l / adjective
1 relating to crime :
Experts cannot agree on the causes of criminal behaviour .
I was sure he was involved in some kind of criminal activity .
She has not committed a criminal offence (= a crime ) .
He was arrested and charged with criminal damage (= damaging someone’s property illegally ) .
The doctor was found guilty of criminal negligence (= not taking enough care to protect people you are responsible for ) .
2 relating to the part of the legal system that is concerned with crime → civil :
The case will be tried in a criminal court .
We have no faith in the criminal justice system .
The police are investigating the
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