Crime Control And The Criminal Justice System And Preventing Crime

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Crime control has always been a major key within society and over the decades there have been numerous debates on how to handle this growing epidemic. Crime control has over several different categories in which one can relate the key provisions to maintaining the criminal justice system and preventing crime. Crime control can range from the organization of the police department to how we list legal acts and procedures.
Crime has been a common entity in society, our forefathers established a starting point but we have evolved from the starting point of the frame work they have started. Every level of society has experience some level of crime. Throughout the course of the years the motives for crimes, the prosecution of crimes, and the structure of the judicial has changed but it has always been some level of crime committed within society. Human civilization has evolved and developed extensively due to desires of leaders to control, reduce, and punish crime offenders. Investing in our officers education, supporting funding for our SRO’s, and funding inmates through education are areas that will help in the effort of crime control.
Another traditional policing response to the crime problem is to require that police officers attain a certain level of education beyond high school (Worrall, 2015). Everyone that has given an inkling of consideration of being involved in the criminal justice field or obtaining as a career profession will agree that one of the major steps is
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