Crime Control And The Criminal Justice System

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Murderers Let Free

Casey Anthony is innocent. Or is she? Human error is too prevalent when having random people determine the outcome over a suspects trial. The jury opens holes for these errors. Law enforcement agencies should be able to use their full discretion when attempting to keep the streets in their city clean. Not necessarily by their gut feelings, but the evidence presented to them. People shouldn’t have the ability to have loopholes to get out of a crime they committed like “the officer didn’t have probable cause to search me” or “he profiled me, he’s racist” even though what the officer was looking for was found, and the charges get dropped because of being deemed “unlawful”. The crime control model should be used in society in this day in age in the criminal justice system as apposed to the due process model. Crime control is a more aggressive means while Due process model emphasizes on constitutional rights and doing justice to get convictions.

Crime control model is a more aggressive approach, order is a value. This emphasizes society’s right to feel safe and feels freedom is very important. This model emphasizes the need to attempt to catch, convict, and punish every criminal with efficiency and speed. According to criminal Justice of America, This more aggressive model puts citizens rights last and treats suspected people as criminals to attempt to dispose of high crime rates and potential criminals quickly. Efficiency is uppermost important in
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