Crime Control Model And The Due Process Model

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There are two models of the criminal process. The two model of the criminal process are the crime control model and the due process model. Both of these models are bring used in the criminal justice system. The two models give understanding to the values of the criminal law with that in mind these two modes are not absolute. Herbert Packer articulates the values of the criminal justice process between due process which is emphasis on the right of an individual and crime control model sees the regulation of criminal conduct as the most important function of the criminal process. Crime control model is more conservative in viewing crime and in the other hand Due process model is a more liberal way of viewing crime. The models have very opposite approaches to the criminal justice system. The crime control model views the person as guilty until proven innocent while the due process model views the person as innocent until proven guilty and looks at all the steps the police and procreators do so the person gets a fair trial. Crime control model is focus on the reduction of crime and in a way to keep control, in other words repression of crime is the most important factor in the crime control model. Order is a necessary condition for a free society. Another factor that Herber Packer talks about the Crime control model is the focus should be one the victims’ rights rather than the defendants’ rights. Also, crime control model tends to put power on to police and
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