Crime Control Vs Due Process Essay

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My several years of experience in Law Enforcement I have observed both criminal Justice system models Crime control and Due Process is effective and ineffective, thus both I can't imagine being without either. Typically, police officer such as myself tends to favor crime control, because the suspects and defendants dealt with regularity usually have committed a crime repeatedly and insist on plea bargaining to move the process along. Thus, Due Process in most cases is more detail, elongated with procedures, and innocent, wrongfully accused defendants or high profile organized criminals with extensive amounts of cash flow tend to exercise this process. However, both models have glaring similarities with human errors being involved when either one is being used.
Although Due Process promotes to be the ideal way of the American people innocent until proven guilty, human error can be implemented. Even during the West Memphis three case the evidence consist of was Echols deemed himself as different from the locals in the town, certainly was describe as odd, jet black hair with pale skin, wore all black clothing, listen to heavy metal music and read Uncanny novels. Immediately, because of those assumptions the police department figure that was enough to label him as the suspect. And all the town’s locals was behind
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Of course, crime control is more effective at reducing crime because the system is addressing the situation quickly and aggressively. Namely, this model does not have a trial, plea bargaining is the way, a matter of fact, 95% of cases settles on plea bargaining. Nevertheless, once inmates are released they’re not fully rehabilitated, because usually they plea to a lesser charge, thus in most cases they should not receive any deal just do the full time. Therefore prosecutors only temporarily resolving crime until that inmate is released once
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