Crime : Crime And Crime

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Crime has always existed in some shape or form. However, the question about how crime much crime exists has always been the source of some discrepancy. Knowing how much crime exists at certain points in time is very important to law enforcement, criminal justice researchers, politicians and other public officials. Being able to measure the amount of crime allows the creation and tracking of crime trends. This allows those concerned with crime trends to better adjust their tactics or methods in order the combat crime the trend if necessary. Localizing the crime date lets jurisdictions compare their data at a local level. Localized crime statistics can be compared to other jurisdictions that are comparable or the local jurisdiction can compare their own trends across time to determine if a particular crime trend is increasing or decreasing in comparison. These crime statistics are essential for lawmakers and law enforcement professionals to make informed decisions that could have an impact on crime trends.
In order to gather this data a system had to be designed. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is that the United States does not have a national police force. Data collected would not all be coming from the same agency, but would be coming from a multitude of law enforcement agencies. In the United States, we have law enforcement at the local, state and federal level. Another hurdle to overcome is that how crimes are defined may vary from state to state. This…

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