Crime Data Comparison

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Running Head: Crime Data Comparison Crime Data Comparison [Writer's Name] [Institute's Name] Abstract This paper is about the crime data comparison particularly on the offense of burglary in two different metropolitan regions of the United States. The increasing rate of the burglary offense in association with the number of occurrences reported is also discussed. In addition, the factors that are affecting to the crime rate in such areas have also come under discussion. Crime Data Comparison As the world has crossed the threshold of twenty first century, the entire human race has come under the dramatic impacts of technological and scientific innovation and progression. However, it is unfortunate and sad to state the reality that in this age of growth, crime is one of the social issues across the entire globe that has also been witnessed to be escalated at an unprecedented rate at the same time. The common and widespread aspects that have given rise to social dilemma of crime include issues like poverty, famine, economic downturn and so forth has also mounted on a worldwide basis as the nations has progressed and developed. Considering the high rates of criminal activities and felony acts from all over the world, United States is amongst the countries that is also confronting the rising rate of crime at an accelerated speed in many of its metropolitan regions. On an overall basis, the statistical records provided by the FBI Uniform Crime Report reveals the fact that
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