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Crime Data Comparison Paper Name CJA/ 314 January, 2014 Dr. Anthony Carbo Abstract In this paper, this student completes the following: This student will compare forcible rape crime rates for California and Oregon. This student will compare the data to show which metropolitan area had more reported incidents of forcible rape crimes. This student will also identify the rates of the crime for each metropolitan area. In addition, this student will address how the crime rate changed over time in each city, and what factors might explain the differences in the rates? Finally, this student provides a conclusion about the topic Crime Data Comparison Paper In this paper, this student completes the following: This student will…show more content…
The estimated population rate in California is 38,041,430 vs. Oregon’s 3,899,353; in reality Oregon has a higher rate of reported forcible rape per capita. * Crime Rate Changes in the Last Decade and Possible Factors The "UCR Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics" (2010) website reports that the amount of forcible rape crimes reported in California has steadily decline in the past decade. The number of rapes reported in down by nearly 3,000 reports per year since 2002. The same can not be said about the state of Oregon; the number of forcible rapes reported in Oregon since 2002 has remained between 1,140 and 1,283 each year, for the last ten years. The reason behind the steady decline in forcible rape crimes reported in California could be due in part to increased incarceration, including longer sentences; improved law enforcement strategies and DNA technology ("Progress Watch", 2014). According to "Progress Watch" (2014), “technology has given detectives powerful new tools with which to analyze blood and Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) samples or other forensic evidence, for instance” (US crime rate at lowest point in decades. Why America is safer now); DNA technology has made great strides in the fight against sexual crimes. Because the forcible rape crime rate has relatively remained the same in Oregon, it is also possible to conclude that the number of victims reporting the crime in

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