Crime Deterrence

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From the study's literature review, what we already know about the research topic, which is whether police effects the levels of crime is limited. What we do know about this topic is that "A majority of studies surveyed found that either there is no relationship or increases in the number of police are associated with increases in the level of crime." (Tabarrok & Klick, 2005) Klick and Tabarrok got this information from a survey conducted by Samuel Cameron titled The Economics of Crime Deterrence: A Survey of Theory and Evidence. In the survey Cameron discusses the theoretical and empirical work of economists on the deterrent effects of punishment for criminal activity. What we also know about this research topic came from Steven Levitt, who…show more content…
The prior research that Klick and Tabarrok have do not give a strong enough reason as to whether the levels of crimes committed get affected by the amount of police in that area or community. In this study the literature review is adequate because it allowed the two authors of this study to know what to actually study. By the prior research not being as strong, it allowed the authors to focus creating a new data source that allows them to better estimate the causal effect of police on crime and it allowed them to look at the system the Office of Homeland Security introduced called the Homeland Security Advisory System
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