Crime, Deviance, And Deviance

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Crime and Deviance This report will begin by making a distinction between the concepts of crime and deviance, accompanied by the concept that crime is a social construct. Then this report will evaluate some theoretical approaches to how and why crime exists. Further reference will be made to the existing crime statistics, and the validity and reliability of the official statistics that measure crime. Finally, this report will look into the presentation of crime in two areas of the mass media. At first glimpse, crime and deviance are two concepts that for a lot of people mean very much the same thing, when in fact both concepts mean different things. Crime is assigned to behaviours and actions that either go against or break the law. On the other hand the concept of deviance is so much more complicated as it is a much broader concept than crime, therefore more challenging to specify. The deviance concept depends greatly on what society defines as normal, for this reason deviance may be any kind of behaviour that is not considered as normal, and moves away from customs and expectations of society (Haralambos & Holborn, 2008). Therefore, the concept of deviance is socially constructed. However, crime and deviance are concepts that could easily overlap one another, because all criminal acts in many cases are viewed as deviant, but not all deviant acts are thought of crimes. For example, if one is a murderer this is seen as a crime and is punished by law, while taking part in a

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