Crime, Deviance, And Deviance

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Why are we as a people so drawn to crime and deviance in the news? What is it about human nature that has a secret sense of interest or even some excitement when we turn on the television and see something major going on like a high speed chase or the like? Interestingly, the closer it happens to be to where we are, the more interested we become as opposed to something happening out of state, or further off in another country. The point here is not to defend or glamorize crime and deviance, but to point out that something in human nature keeps us hooked, possibly because it goes against our social norms, and the media plays a huge role in providing both coverage and perspective on these matters. Further, when a celebrity or a sort of pop icon is in the spotlight of crime and deviance, it becomes huge, and we watch as if we were watching a reality television show. This can also take a small time or mediocre celebrity and make them an even bigger, more household name due to both our participation and that of the media.
To understand both why this is, let us take a look at what is called the wedding cake model in the criminal justice system as described by Samuel Walker (“The Wedding Cake Model Theory Of Criminal Justice”, n.d.). After studying the criminal justice system and its processes, he layered his findings into a four-tiered model, which resembled the layers of a wedding cake. The cases were treated differently depending on the tier they fell into on his cake model

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