Crime Displacement And Diffusion Of The United States

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Crime displacement and diffusion is a major concern in the United States. Crime neither seem to be increasing nor decrease throughout the years. Displacement brings more consequences and can occur when a harm is produced by displacement crime before the intervention. There are three theories that help explain why crime are committed, who are targeted and how to prevent from being a potential target. Being aware of your surroundings is extremely important. Analyzing offenders, victims and location can give ideas as to why crimes occurs. Giving displacement and diffusion central attention should be the center to problem solving in criminal activities.
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Displacement and Diffusion Crime
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Rather than try to relocate crime in different areas, researchers have found that the reduction in crime. A reduction in crime is observed that is not the target of the SCP initiative; this can be a reduction in other types of crime, or a reduction in crime outside the area targeted. Clarke and Weisburd (1994, p. 169) states:
“the spread of the beneficial influence of an intervention beyond the places which are directly targeted, the individuals who are the subject of control, the crimes which are the focus of intervention or the time periods in which an intervention is brought” (Clarke).
Malign displacement reveals efforts to reduce burglary, but negatively increase chances of robberies and assault. Benign displacement helps benefit society by have a form of new crime tactics by offenders that offers less serious crimes and less danger to potential victims. Deterrence plays a major role; if there are know offenders who are being punished for the crimes committed, it will likely keep others from copying the same offense and thus lowering crime rates.
Displacement and diffusion of benefits help explain why crimes are being committed. There are many example as to how to deter crime in geographical area. They help to show that there are solutions to help lower crime
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