Crime Ethical Issues

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U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 5HYLVHG  WK Bureau of Justice Statistics Alcohol and Crime An Analysis of National Data on the Prevalence of Alcohol Involvement in Crime 2Q DQ DYHUDJH GD\ LQ  FRUUHFWLRQV DXWKRULWLHV VXSHUYLVHG DQ HVWLPDWHG  PLOOLRQ FRQYLFWHG RIIHQGHUV 1HDUO\  PLOOLRQ DERXW  KDG EHHQ GULQNLQJ DOFRKRO ZKHQ WKH\ FRPPLWWHG WKHLU FRQYLFWLRQ RIIHQVH &ULPLQDO MXVWLFH VWDWXV 7RWDO 3UREDWLRQ -DLO 3ULVRQ 3DUROH $OFRKRO 'UXJV .5 1 1.5 2 1XPEHU RI RIIHQGHUV LQ PLOOLRQV XVLQJ DOFRKRO RU GUXJV DW WKH WLPH RI WKH RIIHQVH [LL $OFRKRO DQG &ULPH U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Alcohol and Crime An Analysis of National Data on…show more content…
BJS has incorporated new questions into its surveys which will enable a more in-depth understanding of the alcohol use and abuse backgrounds of offenders and the nature of the treatment they receive while incarcerated. Jan M. Chaiken, Ph.D. Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics Laurie Robinson Assistant Attorney General Office of Justice Programs Alcohol and Crime iii Highlights This report provides the most comprehensive analysis of statistical data on alcohol and crime published to date by BJS. Sources of information include the BJS National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), BJS self-report surveys of correctional populations, and the periodic BJS censuses of Federal, State, and local corrections facilities. In addition, arrest data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program and the most recent data available from the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting Program are used to supplement national survey data. Finally, the report includes new analyses from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS), a database providing detail on more than 2.1 million fatal motor vehicle accidents that occurred over the last two decades. The study provides the firstever estimates of the level of intoxication among drinking offenders at the time of the commission of the offense for which they had been convicted. The role of alcohol in crime victimization
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