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Crime happens all over the world every second of every day. Thus making numerous amounts of victims. Crime victims are all around us even though we may not know it or think about it. According to the crime clock every twenty-five point three seconds a motor vehicle theft occurs. Have you ever thought what it would be like to walk away from you car, even after you have locked it, and to not be able to see it or the things inside it ever again? Motor vehicle theft happens every day in every neighborhood.

I never realized it prior to this assignment but I live with victims of crimes right in my own townhouse on school property. My housemate Anne was generous enough to tell me her story.

As Anne recalls it her
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Both Mandy and Anne heard nothing else from the police after the incident. The thief was never found and no charges were pressed nor was a case ever really opened. To this day Mandy doubts their efforts in finding any perpetrator at all. This is the perfect case of the innocent truly being taken advantage of and suffering lots of consequences for no good reason at all! Mandy and Anne blame both the police and the thief. Mandy explained to me that if the cops would have been “on the ball” the car would have been located earlier and that could have saved her a couple hundred dollars. They both expressed to me their feelings of disappointment in the police. They felt that the police could have done a little more to help locate the car and perpetrator. “It’s almost as if they didn’t care!” Anne stated. Anne simply felt that they could have arrived to the school for the statement sooner or at least called to let both her and Mandy know how the case was going or if any progress was made.

Within our course curriculum we read about the problems with victims and the police. One of the problems was the victims’ feeling that police did not care. I can see how the officers see the same things everyday and possibly do become a bit

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