Crime Is An Age Old Phenomenon

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Introduction It is often said that crime is as old as mankind. But if crime is an age-old phenomenon, it had to be recently that many researchers have turned their attention to the issue of victims of crime. For instance, the word “victim” did not appear in the English language until 1497. Derived from the Latin word victima, the word originally did not refer to crime victims but to a living creature killed and offered as a sacrifice to a deity or supernatural power (Oxford Dictionary, 1983). The word victim was not used in the sense of a person who was hurt, tortured or killed by another until 1660. That basically means that the whole concept of victim of crime did not come about until the 17th century.
I. The Development of Victimology During the twentieth century is when the development of social concern, protest, activism, intervention, legal, political, and social services, reform, research, and teaching about victims of crime. In many other countries the victim movement became a significant political influence, which lead to considerable reforms in many fields. Here in the United States, the victim movement was initiated in the 1970s. The women’s movement along with the civil rights movement was one of it main inspirations. Another one of its biggest inspirations was the social concern about the theatrical increase in crime rates here in the United States. Many activists and politicians were aware that the system of constitutional protections in the United States
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