Crime Is Shocking And Critical Matters Within Society

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Crimes have been deliberated to be one of the most puzzling and critical matters within society. The predominance of crime is shocking. Most criminologists have viewed crime as one among the many methods of deviance, which result in contradicting theories. Some criminologists notate crime as a form of anomic conduct, while others portray it as a more conscious reaction to stress, social situations and environments. Since cultural differences exist in society and standards, what is thought to be unlawful may also vary, even though most cultures have laws or customs (Akers, 2004).
Largely, the focal objective of this paper is to examine three main criminological theories and comprehend their concepts. Also to evaluate the theories, by comparing and contrasting their strengths and flaws. For this analysis, the criminological theories that I will be discussing are biological theories, psychological theories and social learning theories.
Biological Theories
The biological theories of crime have displayed an association among particular biological circumstances and a rise of involvement in criminal conduct. The curiosity in this framework started in 1890s which lead to various arguments that led to the foundation of the biological theory of Cesare Lombroso, whose study of the facial characteristics and skulls of offenders led him to the dispute that continual criminality was linked with the “atavism” which is the reversion of the primitive pace of human development (Akers…
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