Crime Is Something That Everyone Tries To Stay Away From,

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Crime is something that everyone tries to stay away from, but ever wonder how people get involved even though everyone runs away from it? Committing a crime means to go against the constitution and portray an act that is punishable by law. Crime is considered shameful, idiotic and wrong, but individuals still choose to do it. What is worse than an individual committing a crime? When there is a group of people breaking the law, also known as gangs. Many people can commit crimes individually, but crimes involving more people can be more severe. Criminology teaches the scientific method of crime; for example why gang crime happens. This paper will be discussing Social Strain Theory and Differential Association Theory and how they can cause…show more content…
S. 2003), that lead to strain in the society. Modes that can result in criminal or deviant behavior are innovation and retreatism. Innovation is when an individual accepts cultural goals but does not accept institutional means. These type of people are most likely to become criminals. Retreatism is when an individual denies both cultural goals and institutionalized means; excluded themselves from society and reject its norms and values. These individuals are likely to become deviant. All in all, the social strain theory is a result of social strain in a society. Differential association theory was introduced by Edwin H. Sutherland and is defined as "behavior [that] is learned in a social environment" (William & McShane, 2014, p. 64). Edwin denied the theory that stated crimes were caused by criminal type or mental disorders, but instead theorized "criminal behavior is learned in association with those who have criminal attitudes and values, as compared to association with those who have non criminal attitudes and values" (C.R., J. 1965). Criminal behavior is learned through interacting with the people that are closest to an individual, such as family, friends, guardians, etc,. Learning of criminal behavior includes learning techniques and obtaining information, such as what a person will gain from committing crime and why they should do it even if the reasons are not appropriate. The key aspect of

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