Crime Is The Nature Of Crime

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It is widely assumed that the media, particularly television, newspapers and the internet, are primary sources of knowledge and understanding of crime issues in our 21st century modern society (Nguyen et. al, 2005). However, there is widespread concern that the level and type of crime reported in the media produces an inaccurate view of the reality of crime in the community (Fields & Jerin, 1996; Windschuttle, 1988). The purpose of this essay is to address the question; is the nature of crime in our society accurately presented in the media? To effectively provide an answer, a discussion on public perceptions, crime statistics and the impact of crime reporting in the media will commence. Following will be a conclusion that will state that the nature of crime in our society is not accurately presented in the media. There has been extensive research comparing the nature of crime in the media with the nature of crime in reality with most evaluations concluding that the media greatly distorts or misrepresents not only the nature of crime but also crime rates, typical victims and typical offenders (Hayes and Prenzler, 2015). Often, this research draws upon official crime statistics which have consistently shown that most crime is non-violent and not rising (Davis & Dossetor, 2010) which is oppositional to the media’s portrayal (Garofalo, 1981). Even so, public perceptions continue to emanate a reflection of the media’s influence as Davis & Dossetor (2010) highlight through a
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