Crime, Morality And The Criminal Justice System

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A victimless crime is an illegal act or offense that involves consenting adults and no party is harmed or injured during the act. Such offenses are considered illegal, but there is no apparent victim. Although there are several disagreements to whether or not a crime is victimless or not four of the most commonly identified victimless crimes, also known as public order offenses, are: drug use, prostitution, pornography through sexting, and gambling. Victimless crimes have been the topic of a heated debate, primarily centered on the question to whether or not these victimless crimes are crimes at all. Another issue that is constantly argued is whether or not victimless crimes should be free from governmental interference. Although the term is difficult to define, the government should interfere with victimless crimes because there can be much harm done not only to the individual committing these acts but also possible unwilling victims around them. Victimless crimes highlight a significant number of issues concerning crime, morality and the criminal justice system. Some of the major issues victimless crimes have are: perceptions of the public and police concerning s, including perceived seriousness and harm; the impact of victimless crimes on other members of society, including quality of life issues; the potential economic impact of the various victimless acts (both positive and negative), and the community factors that affect economic impact; and the effect of specific…
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