Crime Of Organized Crime And Criminal Structures

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The topic of this paper is gangsters in organized crime can either work alone or work with other gangsters. When people commit crimes with other criminals, their personal ties to each other become strong when there is especially trust or there could be no trust, however, those ties can become strong at some point. My paper will be about on the organized criminal structures that Frank Costello had. In the book, it has a lot of personal ties telling the reader who ties personally that Costello had with people that is what the paper will be about. In the illegal activities that Costello committed, what type of crimes has he committed. All of the activities that Costello did during his life will be until his death. My paper will be about criminal structures and the overall generalization about it. What will be described is what type of criminal structures Costello had. Was it hierarchical and etc? What money ties or the economically aspect are in criminal structures will be talked about. My paper will also be about how law enforcement ties to criminal structures and networks to other people and getting the people doing illegal business caught. The final paper will also talk about how important trust is in criminal structures. What would be talked about is even if having ties to other ties regarding people will a person reoffend. In one part of the paper, it will be about criminal networks. A criminal structure is an arrangement of relationships between criminals that have an

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