Crime Prevention And Reduction Workshop Report

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Coursework LC553 Crime Prevention and Reduction Workshop Report:

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This research report will discuss and analyse the different methods used to manage, prevent, manage and control the increase of drug offences. Drug offences are any illegal substance which could harm the body. The Misuse of drugs Act 1971 came into place to prevent the non-medical use of certain drugs. Drugs are divided into 3 classes A B and C. Drugs are categorised into 3 section mainly because different classes of drugs cause more harm to the user or to the society. For example, anything which is classes as Class A is the most harmful substance. Class A drugs include, cocaine, methadone, ecstasy, LSD and heroin. Class B includes, cannabis, amphetamines and codeine and Class C includes, GHB, ketamine, steroids and tranquilisers. (, 2016). This report will incorporate theory, college of policing research practices, and the relevant legislative and policing framework which help prevent, reduce and control drug offences.

The recommendations which would help prevent, control, and manage drug offences are:
- Hotspot policing
- Agencies such as NHS, talk to frank, education services
- Communities which help control crime

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Philosophy of punishment:

There are different punishments given depending if a person is in possession or suppling drugs. If a person is under the age of 18,…

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