Crime Prevention Concepts and Theory, Such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) And Other Such Preventative Programs

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Cultural Considerations Due to the diversity it is becoming more difficult for law enforcement to know how to handle or have a conversation with citizens of another culture. When dealing with immigrants law enforcement officers will experience difficulties with communicating with them. Multicultural is related to several cultures in society, and in many cultures in some societies educational theory encourages interest instead of mainstream culture. It is very important that law enforcement understand cultural diversity. It is questionable if Sir Robert Peel, developer of the nine principles which is said to organize police departments whether or not would work in present day police activities.
The culture concerns in society on the
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2.) A style of social and artistic expressions peculiar to a class or society. 3.) The predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization. Culture directly affects the justice system and its administration practices because in some areas in the United States for example you might have a large population of Blacks, Whites, Arabs, Latino or Hispanics, in a particular neighborhood and it is common knowledge that people are more comfortable with dealing with people of the same race and ethnicity. When you have suchlike areas more pressure is on the justice administration to make sure in those areas they are represented by that same race or ethnicity. A police department that is not represented by the majority, it becomes a major problem in that community due to the lack of knowledge the police have about a certain culture or cultures. Every person is raised in social and cultural environments that have a considerable impact on his or her individual identity, beliefs, values, and behavior. Because individuals are entwined in culture during their life, it is important to expand awareness and understanding of how cultural issues impact systems and operations of justice and security. Police officers and police
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