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Crime Prevention CRJ 305 Michelle McMichael Professor Levit September 10, 2013 Crime Prevention “The ultimate goal of crime prevention is to reduce the risk of being a victim.” (SIU, par. 1) “Successful crime prevention efforts will promote a safer community by enhancing the perception of safety and the attitudes and behaviors that help people feel safe.” (SIU, par. 3) Reducing crime must be a community effort. It requires the work of not only law enforcement but also the community itself. Crime prevention programs can be instituted, but until everyone decides to work together on the effort, they can be futile. In this paper I will be discussing the jurisdiction of Oklahoma City, the portion of the criminal justice system…show more content…
1). The OJJDP had stated that, “in 1997 juveniles under age 18 were involved in 27% of all serious violent victimizations, including 14% of sexual assaults, 30% of robberies, and 27% of aggravated assaults” (OJJDP, 1997, par. 2). Juvenile and adult programs are available to those individuals that find themselves placed into the criminal justice system. Some of the programs available to the juveniles and the juveniles guardians are but are not limited to: Parent-Child Interaction Training Program, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), Education, Community Involvement, and Boot camp. These programs are set up to help the juveniles and their parents to gain a certain amount of control over their child, and teach the child respect, discipline, and how to live a lifestyle without committing crime or doing the things that takes them down the path of committing crime. These programs are set up into place to deter juveniles and adults away from committing criminal acts against society. Many programs have been put in place to help young people avoid temptation and follow the right path. There are many indicators which indicate whether or not a youth is likely to commit crime. The indicators are poverty, behavior problems, lack of parenting, bad parental behavior, social ability, bad school grades, accessibility to drugs, and peer pressure. If these behaviors are coupled together, the chance of criminal behavior increases. In order to access all juveniles who

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