Crime Prevention In The Criminal Justice System

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One of the main aspects of criminal justice systems is crime prevention. Crime prevention is compromised of a system that uses methods and ideas to reduce the causes of crime and eliminate them. Typically, law enforcement and similar agencies practice crime prevention strategies in order to be able to enforce the law. Many agencies have developed their own methods to combat crime and prevent it from reoccurring through the use of informants, laws, and other tactics. Crime prevention is fundamental to have a safer neighborhood and there are many different strategies that are currently being used on the field. Crime prevention can be taken on by a lot of different people; police officers as well as community members can take certain measures…show more content…
The long term goal of the criminal justice system is prevention, typically prevention attempts are based on past evidence and the results from different programs being implemented. Crime prevention refers to efforts to prevent crime or criminal offending in the first instance – before the act has been committed. It often takes place or is initiated outside of the formal justice system (Waller, 2006). Researchers have come up with 3 categories in which they target crime prevention; developmental program, situational program, and community…show more content…
The second category of strategy is called situational prevention which refers to interventions designed to prevent the occurrence of crimes by reducing opportunities and increasing the risk and difficulty of offending (Clarke, 2009 and Cornish and Clarke, 2003). The third category, community prevention refers to interventions designed to change the social conditions and institutions (e.g., families, peers, social norms, clubs, and organizations) that influence offending in residential communities (Hope, 1995). Individually these 3 sub categories play an equal role of importance in reducing the amount of crime that is occurring in neighborhoods
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