Crime Prevention Program: Gun Control in the USA

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Mass Shooting in USA Among many ways of prevention from high level incidents such as gun shooting crimes, one of the most important and helpful way is prevention through proper security laws. There is also a great quote that "prevention is better than cure". Prevention is almost considered as half the treatment of a particular disease. There are several problems and difficulties faced by people living in current society. One of the major diseases is the increasing trend of crimes like firearms and mass shooting. Crimes are also divided into different categories such as firearms. The main topic of the discussion is related to physical crimes and the prevention of these shooting and murder crimes (Pastore and Maguire, 2000). Moreover, essay will highlight the reasons of physical crimes such as gun shooting in different and popular areas of America, philosophy behind crimes and the prevention of those crimes through different resources, change policies and methods. When someone is considering and discussing different methods of prevention, one cannot deny and avoid the foremost way which is to create awareness of crime prevention among society. The awareness can be created by the current government in a big way through different programs and checks. There are several steps that have been taken to control and prevent crimes incidents such as CT mass shooting, terrorism attacks and cyber attacks too. The measures are such as hiring security staff up to installing

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