Crime Prevention Programs Help Protect And Deter Crime Within Neighborhoods

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Crime prevention programs help to prevent and deter crime within neighborhoods by getting the neighbors involved. Neighborhood watches use residents within a neighborhood to look out for suspicious activity/ issues then report them to police before any crime occurs. Using this method potentially deters crime and offenders from committing more crimes. A neighborhood watch can consist of a block watch, community watch, home watch and citizen alert. Neighborhood crime prevention programs arose because of the need to get citizens involved in preventing crime.
Overview of history and objectives
Neighborhood Crime Prevention Programs vary in number and purpose. One of the oldest and most effective neighborhood crime prevention programs in the U.S. is the Neighborhood Watch which was first started in 1972. The concept of a neighborhood watch can be traced back to days when night watchmen patrolled the streets. Today, what we know as the neighborhood watch was developed from sheriff and police chiefs who wanted a neighborhood crime prevention program that would involve the citizens and to reduce the increase in robberies. Neighborhood watches worked then and continue to work now because it helps reduce the opportunities to commit crime. The Neighborhood watch was created to help strengthen the relationships between the neighbors and community crime prevention. The police have relied on the community for years to help assist with crime prevention. In fact, neighborhood watches have…
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