Crime Prevention and Volatile Social Issues Essay

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Crime prevention embodies a range of volatile social issues. These issues encompass public safety, mass media response, and political strategies which induce intense public debate and criticism, especially during an age in which the world is engaged in a “war on crime”. Given the role of policy makers in crime prevention, effective strategies are hinged on a consideration of all these issues rather than singular measures focused on isolated strategies. This facet of policy implantation is attracting growing attention as a viable source of crime prevention substituting traditional criminal justice mechanics. In fact, a significant fragment of criminological literature is receding from a dependence on criminal justice mechanisms to an acceptance of crime preventative policy implementation. Irrespective of this academic progression, Western Governments have continued a persisted focus on reinforcing the criminal justice system. This paper investigates the effects of these social issues and their requisite interaction with crime preventative initiatives as well as emergent and successful crime prevention tactics in the national and international contexts.
Crime Prevention and Politics
Crime prevention is generally not raised by politicians when discussing crime solution. In fact, crime prevention is generally omitted as an effective solution to crime prevention in the context of mass media discourse. The preferred course of crime prevention appears to include…

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