Crime Prevention in New Orleans

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CRIME PREVENTION IN NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is one of the most murderous cities in America but in 2013 the crime rate decreased by twenty percent compared to the year before. In 2012, one hundred and ninety-three people were murdered and in 2013, one hundred and fifty-five people were killed. Doctors use a different technique for those who were shot and wounded, which they say those victims survive from. This technique brought the murder rate down by fifteen percent. Non-profit Organizations, job opportunities, and rebuilding neighborhoods also helped the crime rate. These initiatives are a way to get younger people off the streets by mentoring and educating at risk youth.
The government inaugurated a new approach for reducing crime by creating an organization called “NOLA for Life.” It was established to provide crime prevention strategies for determining the causes of the problem and involves a strengthening in the Law Enforcement with Intervention Programs that have been proven effective in other cities around the country. According to researchers, studies have shown that violence in New Orleans isn’t like violence in any other city or state. It’s not often gang related but most of the victims are in their teens or 20’s. NOLA for Life helps by investing in prevention, promoting jobs and opportunities, getting involved and rebuilding neighborhoods, strengthening the New Orleans Police Department and trying to stop shootings.

The government has invested in
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