Crime Rates in America

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Crime Rates In America Elliot H. Maysonet CJA/204 08 April 2013 Prof. Ron Alter Crime Rates In America In society’s day and age, Americans believe that crime has been steadily increasing. This perspective is based on information provided to the public by criminologist. Our society relies heavily on statistical data to measure criminality and the effectiveness of the laws that govern society. This data is collected and formulated to create what is known as national crime reports. These reports were implemented to improve the structure of the laws that govern our society. In addition these reports record criminal activity, the type of crimes committed, the locations of criminal trends, the volume of crimes committed, and the…show more content…
These reports are based only on the crimes that have been reported by victims or discovered by police. In the cases of crimes that are less serious, the data used for these reports are that which resulted in arrest only (not reported crimes). These reports do not include crimes that have not been reported, have been omitted from these reports, or cases which prosecutors declined to prosecute due to lack of evidence. Although these crimes are not indicated on these reports, they still contribute to our society’s criminality. Another way that crime rates can be deceiving is the views between street crimes and white-collar crimes. To the public eye street crimes, which consist of crimes such as Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Kidnapping, Arson, etc. is the more devastating to society. Whereas white-collar crimes such as Embezzlement, Tax evasion, Price fixing, Bank fraud, Concealment of product liabilities, etc. are not seen as detrimental to society. The UCR and NCVS reports tend to focus more on street crime as apposed to white-collar crimes. This can lead the public to believe contrary to reality. When researching this comparison, we will find an overwhelming disparity which shows that white-collar crime affect society far worse than street crime in the form of financial cost, property lose or damage, and personal injury or death (Robinson 2011). In researching the topic of crime rates in America, I have learned that crime rates relate to
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