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Introduction Research has been done comparing the violent rates between males and female prisons. It is important to study this theme because it does not only lead to the conclusion of where violence prevalent in male or female prisons, but it focuses on other issues as well. This paper deals with the social, psychological and sexual issues of the prisoners. Furthermore, most people believe that males biologically are more prone to violence, therefore violence is prevalent in male prisons and should have higher rates of violence than female prisons; however, there is more to this idea. This theme will examine the differences in violence between male and female prisoners and what causes them to have high rates of violence. The main …show more content…
Instead they engage in relational violence (spreading rumors and talk about each other) to hurt each other. The prisoners that participated in this research admitted that they use rumors to isolate each other base on the crime they have committed and/or simply because they don’t like other inmates. This research not only deals with female prisoners, but also deals with the type of violence female prisoners engage in.
Sexual coercion Another variable regarding this topic is a comparison of sexual coercion experiences reported by both male and female prisoners. This variable is very important because it examines both genders based on sexual coercion. Johnson and Johnson (2006) point out that male are more expose to violent sexual coercion compared to female inmates. Due to the fact that males are more likely to have higher levels of force used against them by the guarders. As a result the inmate will act aggressively in order to avoid being a victim of sexual violence. Furthermore, this fact is very important because it contributes to the stereotype that men are more violent than women, therefore should have higher rates of violence in prison. Since male prisoners undergo more physical injury and have more excessive force tactics use on them they become more aggressive. As a consequence they stop being the victims and start becoming the perpetrators (Johnson & Johnson, 2006). This is a key factor that contributes to why violent rates

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