Crime Scene And Recovering Evidence

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Furthermore, the components leading up to the crime scene and recovering evidence are vital in prompting a successful case. In the following case: The Deadly Picnic, the methods previously discussed in this paper will be used to dissect and analyze a crime scene. The paper will further discuss possible suspects and eventually the individual responsible for the murder of Mr. Brooks. The facts of the case briefly discuss the discovery of a body and of physical evidence. The evidence discovered at the scene include: a yellow, queen sized sheet, an open bottle of red wine, substantial amount of food, a recently smoked cigarette butt, two sets of footprints, and car tracks. The body discovered at 7:30 p.m. exhibited a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head. When analyzing the evidence, an inference can be made by the investigator as it is classified as a homicide. The investigator can assume the perpetrator had close relations with the victim. However, before the investigator can make an inference of the case, he/she must apply the necessary procedural requirements to collect evidence. Being the Centerville police department discovered the body and the evidence, the scene should have been secured and isolated from the public. In addition to the securing of the crime scene, the investigator should be informed of the matter and he/she should immediately note the time of commencement. On arrival, the lead investigator is required to carry out the initial walk-through.
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