Crime Scene Investigating and Processing Essay

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Crime Scene Investigating and Processing

Throughout the course of this paper I am going to talk about crime scene investigating, as well as, crime scene processing. I will talk about what a crime scene is what makes it a crime scene. That happens at a crime scene, also, what to look for at a crime scene. I will talk about who is involved in processing a crime scene and when or if other jurisdictions need to be brought in.
The first thing that happens when there is a crime being reported is the police are notified by the dispatcher. The police then record the time and the subject of the call. They also need to be sure to record who made the call and what was said during the call. Lastly the police need to be sure to record the
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This has to be done until the preliminary investigation is completed. Officers also want to be sure to record anyone leaving or entering the crime scene (Bennett & Hess, 12-13).
Officers must be sure to secure the evidence. This means covering the dead, if there are any, with a blanket. With any outdoor evidence needs to be covered with a box, tarp, or a blanket. Officers should never touch or remove evidence unless it is short lived, might be removed by onlookers, or it could be easily damaged by the weather (
The first step in the investigation is called the preliminary investigation. This comes after the emergency aid has been given, and the crime scene has been secured. There are several steps, and the order depends on the specific crime and what type of evidence is available as well as the witnesses, if there are any. The responsibilities are measuring, photographing, videotaping and sketching the crime scene. They have to search for any evidence. Once the evidence has been found it has to be identified, collected, examined and processed. The victims, witnesses and the suspects have to all be questioned. The police have to record all statements and observations in their notes. If it is a simple case it may be handled by only one officer. If the case is a lot more complex then the responsibilities are often times divided among several different officers. Everything that is

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