Essay about Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation

For my assignment, I will be looking into the case of James Bulger, aged 2 years old, who was kidnapped and murdered by John Venables and Robert Thompson on February 12th 1993. Through evidence found at the crime scene and testimonial statements, the police saw that the two boys, ages 11, abducted James from Bootle Strand Shopping Center, Liverpool. They took him on a long, aimless walk where they brutally attacked him and left him for dead. In my assignment I will show how work done by the police, forensic scientists and Investigators helped to convict Jon and Robert.

Evidence found from the scenes and James proved a link between Jon and Robert. This evidence was
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Limit the number of people entering the scene and re-assure the victim. Then a SOCO, (Scenes of Crime Officer) would be called. It is there role to get an overall impression of the scene and judge what happened and why, figure out a scenario. Depending on the crime, a specialist may be called. For example, bomb disposal groups, sniffer dogs and fire service investigators.

For the James Bulger case, there are 3 main crime scenes. The Shopping Center, where James was abducted from his mother. The Walton Canal, where the boys where have seen to have be seen. Finally the Walton Railway Tracks, where James body was found and where forensic evidence was obtained. When police were searching the shopping center, they obtained CCTV footage and they asked questions to the victims mother and other witness’. Questions would have been asked by the FAO. Police Officers would have done searches for the lost child. Police also searched the Walton Canal as they had testimonial evidence that the three boys had been seen there. A FAO wouldn’t be needed at this scene as it was only a search for the boy. Trace evidence could have been obtained. There was a FAO called to the Walton Railway tracks as a body had been found. Forensic Scientists would have come to examine it. They would look for DNA, hair fibres or anything to link something to a suspect. SOCO’s tried to analyze a scenario.