Crime Scene Investigation

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11/12/2014 Crime Scene Investigator Have you ever wonder why people choose to work as a crime scene investigator? I do not know why people chose to work in this field but I know why I choose this career. I choose crime scene investigation as my career because when I was a little girl my dream was to figure out why and how people died. I enjoy watching crime scene investigation shows on television, elusively the ones involving elderlies and children. One of my favorite crime scene investigation shows is called 48 hours on A&E. This show inspires me to have the wanting to help those who are in need of help. I am aware that in most cases, I will experience death at a crime scenes but I am prepared for the duties in this job.…show more content…
In addition to the standby duty, you are expected to respond to all emergency calls. The crime scene investigators (CSI) are in charge of securing and examining details left at the scene of a crime. They are also responsible for meticulously sorting through evidence and details to assist prosecutors in building a valid case. I have done some research and I have to admit that there is a lot of interesting information. What I found interesting after my research is that a CSI must complete a minimum of 720 hours of training in crime scene processing, with a minimum of 80 hours of training in latent fingerprint processing, 40 hours in major death investigation, 40 hours in advanced death investigations, 40 hours in photography, 40 hours in blood spatter interpretation, and other training courses in arson investigation and forensic pathology. Nevertheless, the crime scene investigator must be certified by the International Association for Identification, Crime Scene Certification Board, within 18 months as a crime scene investigator.” (N.A., Crime Scene Investigator Job Details, N.A.) Also as a CSI you must obtain contact with the law enforcement officials at all levels, state and federal. This is not an easy career and does require some schooling in order to be a successful crime scene investigator. Well in my opinion all this hard work does pay off at the end. Why do I think that? Because once you become a crime scene investigator your potential
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