Crime Scene Investigation Report

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Approaching a crime scene requires the forensic specialist, or anyone directly involved with the incident, a sharp mental attitude and knowledge of the law. The purpose of this essay is to examine the processes involved with a crime scene investigation. This will include a discussion about collecting evidence and will use the given scenario to highlight a practical example of how a crime scene should be approached and managed in order to receive the best and most honest results that the justice system may allow.

Scenario i .A dead body(male) ii. Two tables in a living room flipped sideways iii. A bottle of Gordon's London Dry Gin iv. Two cups(Red) v. A desk Table vii. Two chairs one flipped outside down and the other standing viii. A prescription drug ix. A small plastic bag filled with cocaine x. A living room(small) xi. A bottle of George Killings Irish Red xii. A coffee flask Xiii. A bullet lying on the floor of the living room xiv .Blood on the carpet of the living room xv. Bullet holes on the wall of the living room xvi .Blood on the wall xvii. plasters on the wall

Analysis This crime must be approached with caution and an open mind. The investigator must use all of his or her resources available in order to make solid judgments that will ultimately lead to an explanation. The presence of a dead body suggests that this crime scene is a…

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