Crime Scene Process Analysis

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A crime area is a place where an identified crime has occured, and it is of importance since it contains pieces that are vital in determining who committed a crime. Besides, having the details of the one that perpetrated a particular crime, it also regards other details like when it took place and the motive behind the offense (Hicks & Sales, 2006). Crime scene processing must get done in a planned, orderly manner that meets the expected guidelines. It is contained within a conventional standardized system which is maintained by the crime scene technicians, forensic scientists, and investigators who rely upon it. Processing a crime scene consists of creating the parameters of the crime scene to be secured, documentation, collection, packaging (while carefully maintaining a line of custody and the analysis of the proof acquired on the ground by the crime lab personnel. It is a time-consuming process that cannot be rushed, and all the interested parties have to be patient until the process is due done so that they can acquire the results. Putting all the pieces together is hectic and can take more time that usual hence it is expected that all the parties should have patience so…show more content…
The nature of the crime scene will reveal to the investigators the possible strategies that they can utilize to handle the prevailing situation. For example, if the crime scene regards a case of homicide and another ordinary theft, the two crime scenes will utilize different strategies. Some steps can get used in attaining the intended objectives of information gathering to reveal what happened on the ground. Such mechanism will lead towards finding vital information that can identify a perpetrator and bring them to justice where they face the law in regards to the committed
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