Crime Scene Report

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Crime Scene Report #3 Case # 98-108597 Lead Investigator: Detective Rebecca Donnelly Date: Tuesday 7/5/05 Weather: 86F outside, 68F inside Arrived on scene at 2058 Responding: Deputy J. Kulas, Deputy T. Prather, Deputy R. Creel, Detective R. Donnelly, County Ambulance w/EMT J. Monday, arrival 2103 to 2108. Location: Robert Allen Jones, 123 West Main Street, Hagerstown, Maryland. One story apartment that consisted of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Summons: An unintelligible but frantic 911 telephone call placed by a female at 2055. On scene at first response (Detective Donnelly and Deputy Kulas 2058 hours) Witnesses: Jaen Daugh, victim’s girlfriend, was found in the living room sitting on the couch. She had…show more content…
She was escorted out of the residence and a quick sweep of the house was made for other people or health hazards. A 22 year old white male, later identified as Robert Allen Jones was found face down on the bed (located in the middle of the North wall) in the mater bedroom. There was an appearance of a heavily bleeding wound from trauma to the head. Blood stains were found under the head on the pillow and bed sheet. Wounds appear to be caused by a rifle that was found on the west side of the room on the floor next to the bed. A quick check of the victim’s vitals revealed he was deceased. The apartment was secure and a warrant was issued for the search of the house and the collection of evidence. We then proceeded to sketch the crime scene, photograph the evidence found without and with evidence markers, dust for fingerprints throughout the apartment, and collect all evidence items listed above. Crime Scene Lab Report Evidence Collected and Submitted to the Crime Lab: Exhibit #1 Body: Gun Shot Residue Analysis - Gunshot residue analysis was performed on samples recovered from the hands of Robert Allen Jones. Numerous particles unique to gunshot residue were identified on these samples. Complete Medico-Legal Autopsy - One small-caliber projectile was recovered from the brain of the deceased. A DNA sample, head
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