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Homicide Crime Story Analysis – The Tattoo Man Course Code: SOC*2760 Course Name: Homicide Number of Pages (not including title page and references): 5 Peter John Peters is one of Canada’s most dangerous fugitives. Peter was given the name the Tattoo Man because of his numerous tattoos and his affinity to showing them off. Peters murdered a 25 year old woman named Charlene Brittain and left her in his basement apartment naked with a plastic bag over her head. Thus triggered the beginning of his five-day crime spree. Peters then fled to Toronto where he beat a 63 year old man named Albert Philip and stole his station wagon in order to escape. Philips later died in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. He then took hostage…show more content…
Statistics show that there were 543 reported homicide cases in 2012 and 598 the year before (Boyce & Cotter, 2013). On average there are approximately 504 homicide cases in Canada. It has also been stated that since 1991 94% of intimate partner homicides occur only with single victims. The Juristat Article also states that the majority of accused in homicide cases are young males between the ages 18 and 34, which was the case for Peter John Peters (Boyce & Cotter, 2013). Most homicides in Canada are committed by acquaintances. It was noted in the crime story that Charlene was acquainted with Peters. She had told her close friend that she was meeting him on a date (Boyce & Cotter, 2013). This was when the murder had occurred. There are many different situations that could occur in homicide cases. However this particular case coincides with many Canadian statistics collected. One of the most obvious points brought up in the crime story is the identification of Peter John Peters as a spree killer. The course describes spree killers as someone who kills two or more people in a short period of time. This is typically done in more than one location. There is no cooling off periods between the crimes (Fox & Levin, 2005). Peters had begun his crime spree when he murdered Charlene Brattain in his basement apartment. He then fled to Toronto where he ultimately killed Albert Philip before continuing his crime spree of rape, robbery, breaking and entering,
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